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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Work Associate and have over seven years of experience working with young to older adults . I hold a bachelor’s degree in Psychiatric Nursing and completed my Master of Science in Social Work  from the University of Louisville. I was raised in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, and relocated to the United States in 2016. I look at healing holistically and consider the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual components of a person on their healing journey. In my spare time I love getting out into nature, traveling, cooking, and engaging in self-care practices.

Insurance & Fees

            $120 Individual Therapy       

$175 Couples Therapy

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Our Work

My practice is client-centered, meeting people where they are,  offering a culture of safety, empathy, compassion, and acceptance. My mission is to honor the unique requirements each client has fostering self empowerment and lasting positive change. Whatever is important to the client is what we focus on. I have an eclectic approach and utilize a variety of modalities and tools. Please see below for more information.

Credentials & Education


I utilize an eclectic approach including but not limited to:

Psychodynamic Theory

Attachment Theory

Humanistic/Person-Centered Approach

Cognitive Behavioral Approaches

Dialectical Behavioral Approaches

Cognitive Behavioral Approaches

Reality Approaches

Mindfulness/ Visualization

Metabolic Psychiatry

Metabolic Psychiatry

I am professionally informed and educated in understanding metabolic psychiatry and the ketogenic lifestyle for mental health and neurological disorders. At this time, I cannot manage ketogenic diets; however, I have a comprehensive understanding of the research and methods and can offer supportive psychotherapy for those who are wanting to explore this intervention or are already following these dietary guidelines under the guidance of a qualified nutrition or healthcare professional. I also can provide resources to help you locate qualified professionals.

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Relationship Coaching

Couples Counseling


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